Collection: Classes and Experiences in the Pottery

Book a -ONE OF- Experience of the potters wheel. 

You get to get an insight and feel for how it is to make a pot on the potters wheel. Learn how to center the clay and make a basic cylinder pot. I will guide you along and you will be able to take home one of your pieces. I will finish, fire and glaze one piece of your choice.

4 Weeks Basic Pottery course. 

This is a course for beginners who has never tried the potters wheel but would like to learn how to make pottery on the wheel. 

I will teach you wedging and preparing the clay for the throwing. Centering the clay on the wheel and making basic cylinders and other small shapes. 

You will also learn how to trim and finish your pot as well as glaze it. You can expect to bring home 4-8 finished pieces

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