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Healesville Pottery

Grater Plate

Grater Plate

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The Grater Plate is perfect for grating nutmeg, ginger, or garlic.

Simply rinse the plate under the tap and rub a garlic clove over the swirl pattern on the bottom. Use the resulting garlic paste in your cooking, or mix it with olive oil and salt for a delicious dip.

This versatile dish is also great for grating ginger or nutmeg, just be sure to keep the plate dry for nutmeg.

To prevent your fingers from smelling like garlic, rub them against a stainless steel spoon or the kitchen sink.

This dishwasher and microwave safe plate is handmade in the Yarra Valley, Australia, with a diameter of approximately 12cm.

Each plate is unique and adds a touch of individuality to your kitchen.

handmade, stoneware clay


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